What’s it worth? — Oceanfront Ocean Dunes Condo lists in Kure Beach

How Much is an Ocean Dunes Oceanfront Condo worth in Kure Beach?

So a new oceanfront condo listed in Ocean Dunes in Kure Beach.  Here is the link to the Ocean Dunes condo.  It is a 3BR 2 BA home with 1145 square feet on the top floor.  It listed for $319,000 and much of it is original.  Otherwise it would have listed for $339,000 probably and with a 3rd bedroom for $349,000.

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What is Value of 3BR 2BA Ocean Dunes Condo in Kure?

Here are some others that are currently active and have sold recently:

ocean dunes condo prices market data kure beach

How much are Ocean Dunes worth?


What distinguishes these units listed from $289,000-$340,000?  The market value comes down the a nebulous mix of these 4 variables:

  1. square feet
  2. dead on oceanfront view or not?
  3. how renovated the unit is
  4. is there a 3rd full bath or not?

Bottom line for this new listing—it’s a legit list price. After living in Arlington Virginia where you pay $350,000 for a 1BR condo staring at another building I’m amazed at what Kure Beach has to offer.  The 1BR condos here would be perfect investment properties for owners of Clarendon condos–just rent the unit out most of year to vacationers and reserve a couple weeks for you and friends.  I’m just saying!

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