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New Oceanfront Kure Beach Home Hits the Market

New Oceanfront Home Comes on the Market in Kure Beach NC So how often does oceanfront Kure Beach real estate come on the market?  Well in the past year there has been 74 listings in the MLS classified as oceanfront .  Half of them are condos and half single family homes.  So that’s a new…

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Luxury Oceanfront Kure Beach vs Budget Oceanfront Real Estate

Luxury Oceanfront Home in Kure Beach vs Budget Real Estate So how much does it cost to buy oceanfront in Kure Beach.  Let’s say you’re retiring to the area from Arlington Virginia and you are ready for your dream  home.  You research awhile and realize you can get the best value in Kure Beach as…

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Love this photo of kure beach mini boardwalk

I can’t wait up start showing homes for sale in Kure Beach.  Inventory is almost always countable on one hand as it’s a small community.  It’s s niche community that might fit you like a glove. Who doesn’t want to live in an oceanfront home, feel the breeze and smell the ocean.  Most homes have…

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