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Reverse or Inverted Floor Plans are the Way to Go in Kure Beach

Inverted Floor Plans for Kure Beach Real Estate Jay Seville: Hi, I’m Jay Seville, the leader of the team here in Wilmington, North Carolina and that website it has the MLS for Washington D.C; Wilmington, North Carolina; South Beach, Miami, Charleston, South Carolina. So Just to be clear, I live in Wilmington, office…

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Silver Lining in the Cloud for Kure Beach Real Estate

After Years of Taking it on the Chin, Kure Beach Sees Silver Lining What is the latest and greatest for Kure Beach real estate?  it’s always fun to ruminate when the new numbers come out–usually the 10th of each month. That’s when your true real estate bloggers who care more about the market and consumer…

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New Oceanfront Kure Beach Home Hits the Market

New Oceanfront Home Comes on the Market in Kure Beach NC So how often does oceanfront Kure Beach real estate come on the market?  Well in the past year there has been 74 listings in the MLS classified as oceanfront .  Half of them are condos and half single family homes.  So that’s a new…

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