Silver Lining in the Cloud for Kure Beach Real Estate

After Years of Taking it on the Chin, Kure Beach Sees Silver Lining

What is the latest and greatest for Kure Beach real estate?  it’s always fun to ruminate when the new numbers come out–usually the 10th of each month. That’s when your true real estate bloggers who care more about the market and consumer advocacy and have more to say than what restaurant they just ate at come out to analyze.

The one positive variable in the market data for Kure Beach real estate sales is that the inventory has fallen significantly the past 6 months.  Is it long term or did just a bunch of upside downs homes get withdrawn so they can relist later in the year?  I’m thinking many of those homes were rented out but that can’t explain the big downturn in inventory.

Prices have come down so much in past years–see this article on the Seawatch homes for sale price slide–that owners can use some positive news for a change no doubt.

Days on Market Trend Downward for Kure Home Sales


kure beach days on market trend downward





This is the past 6 months….


kure beach inventory drops sharply 2012










So now the question is whether prices have bottomed out.  They may have–at least for single family houses.  I’ll write about this more soon.


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