Reverse or Inverted Floor Plans are the Way to Go in Kure Beach

Inverted Floor Plans for Kure Beach Real Estate

Jay Seville: Hi, I’m Jay Seville, the leader of the team here in

Wilmington, North Carolina and that website it has the MLS for Washington

D.C; Wilmington, North Carolina; South Beach, Miami, Charleston, South Carolina. So Just to

be clear, I live in Wilmington, office based out at Carolina Beach and this area here Wrightsville

Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure, Topsoil Beach, this is where I lived and worked full time. I just

happen to own a brokerage up in the northeast and its sort of expanding parts of it to other states

and markets. And subject for today is Inverted Floor Plans also known as Reverse floor plans Kure Beach.

After spending a lot of time with some out of town buyers, we were looking mostly at homes

400,000 to 500,000 with ocean views in Carolina and Kure beach and Oak Island. We trotted

up to Surf City just to peak at it and we hightailed it back down here. And in this process, you

know I was just watching my clients go through the processing, what they like and did not like.

I thought it was worth putting in video in blog format and educating you the consumer of what

you should keep in mind when it comes to finding a home, here with an ocean view. And if

you’re close between several homes, which one should you pick based on this issue.

So this is the website, that’s with dashes, up here is the old logo

that I’ve had for so many years, that’s more of a sort of local site up in

the northeast. So here at I’ve picked up three listings to use as an

example here and we saw some of these home actually and we we’re interested in all through.

And one of the nice thing about this MLS tool here is that when you — you can actually go right

here and put in specific MLS knowledge, you could put like a list of five of them in here and pull

up exactly a list of those homes, only that you want to see, gallery format or you can switch it

over to a list view or map view and it’s really nice for sharing with friend’s particular specific

reverse foor plan Kure Beach homes

Great Value–Better Views Ocean from 3rd and 4th rows

With an inverted or Kure Beach reversed floor plan you can have better ocean views for real estate on the 3rd and 4th rows than you can on the 2nd row with a regular floor plan.

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