Oceanfront Short Sale hits Kure Beach Market on S Fort Fisher

New Oceanfront Short Sale on S fort Fisher Comes on Market in Kure

As soon as I saw this Kure Beach oceanfront home with 2569 square feet, 5BR and 4 BA come on the market for $599,000 my eyes bugged out.  I initially told myself that is at least a $650,000 home…and then I saw it is a short sale and the listing made more sense.  Short sales are usually listed 5-12% below market value.  they tend to sell 3-5% below market value.

new oceanfront kure beach s fort fisher april 2012


How Much to Offer on a Kure Beach Short Sale?

So how much does one offer on a short sale?  Well it depends.  Everything is case by case.  The big variable is whether there is another contract submitted yet–a competing offer.  If not then go for it.   One would offer $550,000 and say to the seller that you might as well just sign the contract and get it into the pipeline of contracts being processed for short sales with the Seller’s bank.  Because if you don’t you’ll just get a similar offer 2 months from now…and if the bank counters us we’ll work with them and close the deal….But for now let’s ratify and get this contract in front of the bank’s eyeballs.


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