How to make more $$$ off Kure Beach Vacation Rental Ocean View homes

Kure Beach ocean view homes and rental income

Hey everybody, this is Jay the owner of ocean Inc. And currently I hang my

license at a big-box broker

and the website is and

today i’m going to discover a topic that

It’s been on my mind a lot the last few months, but it came up again

Today in detail and i’ll explain what this has to do with

Oceanfront properties second row properties and

Vacation rentals and property managers. Maybe I should say aka in

quotation marks

property managers and the huge

discrepancies in

income of the property managers or between property managers of, North Carolina

Beach homes and beach cottages and oceanfront

properties and


kure beach ocean front home




The owners who do it themselves, etc. So you have you have two

categories are three

property managers versus other property managers and

property managers against owners who’s getting the most money out of their

Rentals and why so I’m going to go over an example?

With you to help open your eyes to what a big deal. This is first of all, here’s Warmington real estate calm

It’s it’s pretty cutting edge. It shows the homes really well, and I’m going to go to a particular home

I’m going to blank out the address because I don’t want little one

shame any particular

manager or property

But it’s essentially a five bet three or four bath home on the second row in Kure Beach oceanfront

Ocean views. I’ve been in it a couple of times

in fact, I’ve had people that want to buy it, but because the rental income is low they’re afraid to

move forward with it

and with so many of the

Vacation rental investors that I work with it’s their first time doing this they have no confidence

they don’t know where to start and

they’re scared to death of making a mistake and I don’t blame them because for many of them that

extra $600 a month of cash flow is

Everything as to whether or not they can afford this home or not if they put 30% down

Will it pay for itself or where there’ll be some slight profit and then maybe eight your surround that actually move into the house

So they purchase these usually on pretty thin margins

Contrary to what stereotypes might be most of these people are barely able to afford these second homes

and they really need good rental income to do it and

They have to be careful and that’s where I come in

I’ve been helping people not make mistakes on their investment properties the last five years and

Regularly every month people are asking me Jay

Will you rent this property for me? Will you manage it for me?

Well, I’m just very busy as a single dad with seven kids and doing regular real estate and sales. I

just haven’t gone there yet, even though I’ve learned a tremendous amount about it and and other Realtors come to me for advice and


On these properties. So here you go. I’m going to use a VRBO listing as an example and

Show you two homes and that home is in VRBO. It’s down here

And right there I’m gonna I’m gonna cross out of this thing to in the video here it is

And more in detail. It’s right here

five bedroom three bath it grosses like

year now I have a

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