How Much Do Vacant Lots on Kure Beach Cost to Build On?

Kure Beach Vacant Lots for Sale–How much do they cost?











Hi I’m Jay Seville the leader of the team and I work a lot Kure Beach dealing with homes for sale there we call a curry. outsiders or people coming into town from New York New Jersey they call it Kure beach and of course they have more interesting accents than I do. One of the common questions I get is how much are the lots? How much do these lots vacant lots cost to build on? And there are 3 scenarios to answer that question. One you have oceanfront homes on Fort Fisher Boulevard; there’s North and South Fort Fisher. Then you have across the street lots for sale. I’ll call them 2nd row. They’re also on Fort Fisher have broken views. Sometimes they have little pieces of the front porch that sees the ocean or sometimes they are purely oceanfront homes however there is an empty lot across the street that just hasn’t been built on yet. And then the 3rd scenario is you go back 3 or 4 blocks how much do those vacant lots cost in Kure Beach? So let’s look at all 3 real quick and really just takes a minute to get a good assessment of it.

This lot for sale on Fort Fisher Rd. South that sold for $390,000. That’s a pure oceanfront home. And here are 2 more homes for sale each of these sold for $500,000 in February 2012. Generally the pure oceanfront homes are selling for about $480,000. If there is something not desirable on one side or the other side then they may sell as low as $380,000. If we go back to the second row these are the broken view uh, lots for sale or in some cases like this one nothing is been built across the street yet so it still is a pure Ocean view, and it sold for 200,000 in February.

And here’s another that sold for 190,000 in July, but if you go further backā€¦ the lots if you go back further like three, four or five blocks they tend to sell around $150,000. Here’s one as an example. They are more expensive if they’re in a neighborhood with a whole bunch of amenities already so there you go. the oceanfront homes excuse me the vacant lots sell for 500, the 2nd row properties sell for 200, and if you go further back a few blocks generally the vacant lots in Kure Beach are selling for $150,000.

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