Reverse or Inverted Floor Plans are the Way to Go in Kure Beach

Inverted Floor Plans for Kure Beach Real Estate

Jay Seville: Hi, I’m Jay Seville, the leader of the team here in

Wilmington, North Carolina and that website it has the MLS for Washington

D.C; Wilmington, North Carolina; South Beach, Miami, Charleston, South Carolina. So Just to

be clear, I live in Wilmington, office based out at Carolina Beach and this area here Wrightsville

Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure, Topsoil Beach, this is where I lived and worked full time. I just

happen to own a brokerage up in the northeast and its sort of expanding parts of it to other states

and markets. And subject for today is Inverted Floor Plans also known as Reverse floor plans Kure Beach.

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Kure Beach Condos– Advice and Pitfalls for Oceanfront Homes

Kure Beach Condos for Sale– What you Need to Know

So you’re thinking about buying a Kure Beach condos (or surrounding city like Carolina Beach)…what do you need to know? What are the issues you may not have considered? There are 3 important variables to consider that are laid out in this video.

  1. Financial reserves
  2. concrete and steel versus stick built
  3. views and how much extra $$ to get more real estate value

Watch and learn!

Pic of Oceanfront Condo in Kure

Ocean Dunes condo Kure Beach

2013 Observations and Predictions — Kure Beach Real Estate Market Data

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Kure Beach Real Estate for 2013

I wrote about 6 months ago how Kure was going against the tide :) of the Wilmington real estate recovery.  So where does the market stand now and how dramatic is the situation?  Well if you look at these 2 graphs it’s not looking good:


When you look at the top quartile by itself it looks grim.   But wait, there’s more!

How Much Do Vacant Lots on Kure Beach Cost to Build On?

Kure Beach Vacant Lots for Sale–How much do they cost?











Hi I’m Jay Seville the leader of the team and I work a lot Kure Beach dealing with homes for sale there we call a curry. outsiders or people coming into town from New York New Jersey they call it Kure beach and of course they have more interesting accents than I do. One of the common questions I get is how much are the lots? How much do these lots vacant lots cost to build on? And there are 3 scenarios to answer that question. One you have oceanfront homes on Fort Fisher Boulevard; [Read more...]

Kure Beach Spring 2012 Report– Not a Robust Market

Kure Beach Real Estate Goes Against Regional Market Trends in 2012

07:01:12 Kure beach real estate prices

Lowest Prices in 2 years. Update on Kure Beach Real Estate Market

Kure Beach — lowest prices and inventory in years

What is the latest and greatest on Kure Beach NC?  I love it when new market data is released and empowering buyers with market data.


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What’s it worth? — Oceanfront Ocean Dunes Condo lists in Kure Beach

How Much is an Ocean Dunes Oceanfront Condo worth in Kure Beach?

So a new oceanfront condo listed in Ocean Dunes in Kure Beach.  Here is the link to the Ocean Dunes condo.  It is a 3BR 2 BA home with 1145 square feet on the top floor.  It listed for $319,000 and much of it is original.  Otherwise it would have listed for $339,000 probably and with a 3rd bedroom for $349,000.

ocean dunes condo for sale







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Oceanfront Short Sale hits Kure Beach Market on S Fort Fisher

New Oceanfront Short Sale on S fort Fisher Comes on Market in Kure

As soon as I saw this Kure Beach oceanfront home with 2569 square feet, 5BR and 4 BA come on the market for $599,000 my eyes bugged out.  I initially told myself that is at least a $650,000 home…and then I saw it is a short sale and the listing made more sense.  Short sales are usually listed 5-12% below market value.  they tend to sell 3-5% below market value.

new oceanfront kure beach s fort fisher april 2012


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Silver Lining in the Cloud for Kure Beach Real Estate

After Years of Taking it on the Chin, Kure Beach Sees Silver Lining

What is the latest and greatest for Kure Beach real estate?  it’s always fun to ruminate when the new numbers come out–usually the 10th of each month. That’s when your true real estate bloggers who care more about the market and consumer advocacy and have more to say than what restaurant they just ate at come out to analyze.

The one positive variable in the market data for Kure Beach real estate sales is that the inventory has fallen significantly the past 6 months.  Is it long term or did just a bunch of upside downs homes get withdrawn so they can relist later in the year?  I’m thinking many of those homes were rented out but that can’t explain the big downturn in inventory.

Prices have come down so much in past years–see this article on the Seawatch homes for sale price slide–that owners can use some positive news for a change no doubt.

Days on Market Trend Downward for Kure Home Sales


kure beach days on market trend downward





This is the past 6 months….


kure beach inventory drops sharply 2012








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New Oceanfront Kure Beach Home Hits the Market

New Oceanfront Home Comes on the Market in Kure Beach NC

So how often does oceanfront Kure Beach real estate come on the market?  Well in the past year there has been 74 listings in the MLS classified as oceanfront .  Half of them are condos and half single family homes.  So that’s a new oceanfront listing for one either condo or single family home coming on the market about every 10 days….


Most recent oceanfront home in Kure on S Fort Fisher Blvd

new oceanfront home in kure beach

oceanfront kure beach home for sale